Dumitru Baleanu教授, Mohammad Hossein Heydari教授学术报告通知(2018--51,52)

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报告一Nonlocality and fractional calculus: which kernel is the best?

Dumitru Baleanu教授, 土耳其詹卡亚大学


Fractional Calculus deals with the study of so-called fractional order integral and derivative operators over real or complex domains, and their application. In my talk I will present a review of the fractional operators with nonsingular kernels and their applications.

报告二Legendre wavelets optimization method for variable-order fractional Poisson equation

Mohammad Hossein Heydari教授, 伊朗设拉子科技大学


In this study, the Poisson equation is generalized with the concept of variable-order (V-O) fractional derivatives called variable-order fractional Poisson equation (V-OFPE). In order to find an accurate solution of this system, we establish an optimization method through the Legendre wavelets (LWs). To carry out the method, we firstly derive an operational matrix (OM) of V-O fractional derivative for the LWs to be employed in expanding the unknown solution. Then, the function of residual is applied to reform the V-OFPE to an optimization problem which leads to choose the unknown coefficients optimally. In the final step, we implement the constrained extremum method which adjoins the objective function implied from the two-norm of residual function and the constraints corresponded to the given boundary conditions by a set of Lagrange multipliers. Accordingly, the final optimal conditions are actually the algebraic equations including the expansion coefficients and Lagrange multipliers.