About Us

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The College   of Mechanics and  Materials was established on 10/10/2009. The  college consists three parts: the former College of Material Science  and Engineering, the Department of Engineering, the Centre of Hydraulics and  Fluid Mechanics. 
The college a second grade discipline discipline  for mechanics engineering, a provincial key discipline for mechanics(first  grade), a university-key discipline for material science and engineering. There  is a post-doctoral mobile station and doctor's degree authorization center(mechanics,  first grade), a doctor's degree authorization centers for  civil engineering materials(second grade discipline), two master’s degree  authorization center for material science and engineering as well as  mechanics(first grade). The college also has a national engineering basic  curriculums teaching base(for mechanics), a national experimental mechanics  teaching demonstration center, a provincial experiment teaching center for  engineering materials. The college also takes part in the construction of Key Experiment   Center for Structure  Mechanics and Hydraulic Engineering Structure, the construction of disciplines  of civil engineering and hydraulic engineering. 
The college now consists of two undergraduate  majors(engineering mechanics, material science and engineering). Particularly,  engineering mechanics is a national key major and provincial brand major. There  are nine teaching and researching institute including: Department of  Engineering Mechanics, Department of Material Science and Engineering, Institute  of Engineering Mechanics, Institute of Solid and Structure, Institute of Computational  Mechanics, Experiment Center of Mechanics and Material, Institute of Hydraulic  Mechanics and Fluid Mechanics, Institute of Engineering Materials, Institute of  Metal Materials and Protection.
There are 110 faculty in the college, including:  34 professors, 29 associate professors, 22 doctoral advisors, 1 Distinguished  Young Scholar for National Science Fund, 2 National Famous Teacher. There are  586 undergraduate students, 302 postgraduate students and 94 PhD students.
《Elastic Mechanics》written by professor XU Zhilun won the National  Outstanding Textbook Award. “Hydraulics”, ”Theoretical Mechanics”, ”Elasticity  and FEM Analysis” and “Structure Mechanics” won the National Outstanding  Curriculum Prize. The students graduate from our college are welcomed by the industry.  Employment rate levels off at 95%. 
The  college insists on combining scientific research and social need. The teachers  in our college take part in the research projects of all the national key hydraulic  engineering and have made great contribution in solving key difficulty  engineering problems. They have won many awards including The National Special Prize  for science and technology.

The  college aims at improving research level and personal training and tries its  best to be a scientific revolution base with international influence in the  future.