Drahomir Novak 教授系列学术报告通知(2017--25)

Drahomir Novak 教授系列学术报告通知(2017--25)

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报告人: Prof. Drahomir Novak, Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic

报告一: Reliability analysis of prestressed concrete girders: Complex approach from material parameters identification to reliability analysis


  201796日(周三)14:30 -16:00


A complex approach to probabilistic analysis and design of precast structural members made form advanced cementitious composites is presented. Final results are utilized as thresholds for loading of produced structural elements and they aim to present probabilistic design as less conservative compared to classic partial safety factor based design and alternative ECOV method.


报告二:Fracture-mechanical parameters of concrete: Their role in computational FEM modelling and determination

  点: 河海大学江宁校区乐学楼(力材学院)832

  间:201797日(周四)14:30 -16:00


The fracture-mechanical parameters of concrete are the most decisive material parameters for the realistic modelling of concrete structures failure. The lecture will show the importance of fracture-mechanical parameters for modelling of statistics of structural response at both deterministic and stochastic levels.


报告三:Reliability assessment of concrete bridges: Advanced stochastic FEM modeling and case studies

  点: 河海大学江宁校区乐学楼(力材学院)832

  间:201798日(周五)10:00 -11:30


The lecture is focused on a complex methodology for statistical, reliability and risk analyses of concrete bridges. It describes the virtual simulation used on the way from assessment of experimental results to reliability analysis. The significant part of lecture will be devoted to illustrative examples of applications and brief software demonstration.



Drahomir Novak教授现任捷克布尔诺科技大学土木学院科研副院长、结构力学所所长、AdMaS研究中心主任,是国际混凝土结构断裂力学协会、捷克荷载以及可靠性标准委员会和捷克力学学会的会员。他所领导结构安全与稳定科研团队,应用蒙特卡罗随机模拟技术,结合ATENA专业分析软件,解决了大量混凝土桥梁的风险评估与可靠性分析问题。已发表与合作发表专著3本、学术论文250余篇。