Sundararajan Natarajan 副教授学术报告通知(2019--70)

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报告一:New frontiers in integrating CAD and Engineering Analysis

时  间:20191127日(星期三)下午2:30-4:00

报告二:Scaled boundary finite element method: recent advances and applications

时  间:20191128日(星期四)上午10:00-11:30

报告人:Sundararajan Natarajan 副教授

报告人单位:Indian Institute of Technology-Madras





(i) The first talk aims to (a) Iso-geometric analysis whose focus is to closely tie the geometry, i.e. CAD data to the analysis; (b) the extended/generalized FEM (X/GFEM) where one of the aims is to increase the independence between the problem solved and the mesh. (c) Strain smoothing in finite elements allows decreasing the negative effects of mesh distortion, and (d) polygonal finite element method where the constraint on the mesh topology is relaxed.

(ii)The second talk aims to discuss the recent advances and applications of the semi-analytical displacement method, the scaled boundary finite element method (SBFEM) will be discussed. Since its inception, it has been applied to wider class of problem, in particular, to problems with singularity and strong discontinuities. After giving a brief overview of the SBFEM, the recent advances that include the SBFEM’s application to adaptive stress analysis, extension to nearly incompressible media and to study cracks in functionally graded piezoelectric materials will be presented



Sundararajan Natarajan is an associate Professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, at Indian Institute of Technology-Madras, India. He recevied his Ph.D. in Engineering from the School of Engineering, Cardiff University,Wales, UK in 2011. He won Zienkiewicz Best PhD Prize in 2012.Since April, 2018, he has been an associate Editor for Computer Modeling in Engineering and Science. Until now, he has publicated over 100 research papers in the field of computational mechanics. H-index = 27, Total citations = 2564.