About Us

The College of Mechanics and Materials was established on 10/10/2009. The college consists three parts: the former College of Material Science and Engineering, the Department of Engineering, the Centre of Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics.
The college a second grade discipline discipline for mechanics engineering, a provincial key discipline for mechanics(first grade), a university-key discipline for material science and engineering. There is a post-doctoral mobile station and doctor's degree authorization center(mechanics, first grade), a doctor's degree authorization centers for civil engineering materials(second grade discipline), two master’s degree authorization center for material science and engineering as well as mechanics(first grade). The college also has a national engineering basic curriculums teaching base(for mechanics), a national experimental mechanics teaching demonstration center, a provincial experiment teaching center for engineering materials. The college also takes part in the construction of Key Experiment Center for Structure Mechanics and Hydraulic Engineering Structure, the construction of disciplines of civil engineering and hydraulic engineering.
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